World of Tomorrow is the second mission in Hitman. The previous mission is The Showstopper. It was released on 26 April 2016.

In the storyline, World of Tomorrow follows the cinematic The Secrets of the Global Elite and is followed by the cinematic The Key.

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Silvio Caruso has been employed by the Ether Biotech Corporation to develop a deadly virus which could kill everyone in the world. A lab has been built in the underground cave system beneath his mansion home in the city of Sapienza, Italy, where scientists are trying to finish the virus production. Caruso's assistant Francesca De Santis is also a threat since she is heading the lab project and has a lot of knowledge of the virus research.

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Rooftops of houses in the town of Sapienza.

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The mission takes place in the Italian coastal city of Sapienza, known as the jewel of the Amalfi Coast. Some of the key locations within the map includes the Villa Caruso mansion and the Ether field lab which is located in the underground cave system beneath the mansion. Both the targets will stay inside the villa during their default walking cycle although Francesca can also head down to the lab where the virus is located.

The walkable area of the town is only the west side of Sapienza but the town is way bigger if seen from a distance. Some of the accessible locations in town includes the town center and main square where you can enter various shops and apartments. Along the coast you can find Sapienza church, Sapienza beach, Sapienza Marina and the Sapienza pier. The old damaged fortress known as the Sapienza Ruins is also situated off the coast in the south west. When starting the mission, Agent 47 will also have access to the ICA Safe House, an apartment in the north west corner of the main square.

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Good morning 47. Your destination is the coastal town of Sapienza, also known as "the jewel of the Amalfi Coast." Your target is a former client of ours, Silvio Caruso, a brilliant but troubled bioengineer employed by the Ether Biotech Corporation. Renowned for his early stem-cell research, Caruso is now reportedly working on a far more disturbing project, a DNA-specific virus able to infect anyone, anywhere in the world.
Imagine a bullet fired in any direction, passing through countless bodies without inflicting harm, invisible and undetectable, until it strikes its target. A world of armchair assassins killing with impunity. This is what awaits us unless Caruso is stopped. Our client, one of Ether's major private stockholders, wants the project canceled on ethical grounds, but without destroying the company in the process. She has asked us to eliminate Silvio Caruso and destroy the yet unfinished virus prototype.
You will also need to deal with Caruso's lab head, Francesca De Santis, a high-level Ether employee and cutthroat corporate climber who holds intimate knowledge of Caruso's research and could potentially carry on in his place. This is no ordinary contract, 47. Caruso's virus is a serious threat to our craft and trade, not to mention our core ideals, so failure is not an option. I'll leave you to prepare.

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Silvio Caruso, one of the two targets.

Mastery Edit

Level Title Type
1 Main Square Starting Location
1 ICA Safe House Agency Pickup
2 ICA Safe House Starting Location
3 Café Basement Agency Pickup
4 Undercover in Mansion Garden Starting Location
5 Remote Breaching Charge Gear
6 Mansion Garage Agency Pickup
7 Undercover in Mansion Kitchen Starting Location
8 Sapienza Ruins Agency Pickup
9 Undercover as Security Staff Starting Location
10 ICA Remote Audio Distraction Gear
10 Lethal Poison Vial Gear
11 Undercover in Field Lab Starting Location
12 Mansion Pantry Agency Pickup
13 Harbor Starting Location
14 Confessional Booth Agency Pickup
15 Enram HV Weapon
16 Main Square Tower Starting Location
17 Sewers Agency Pickup
18 Sapienza Ruins Starting Location
19 Ether Field Lab Agency Pickup
20 Jaeger 7 Lancer Weapon
20 Proximity Explosive Duck Gear

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There are a total of 86 challenges to accomplish in the mission. These include 28 assassinations, 31 discoveries, 25 feats and 2 targets. Completing challenges will give Sapienza Mission Mastery which will unlock different starting locations, agency pickups, as well as gear and weapons.

Assassinations which are unique to this mission include fireplace explosion, cannon shooting, crush by stalactite, cliff pushing, toxic gas inhalation, plane crash, amputation knife kill, smothering by pillow and explosive golf ball. There are 11 assassination challenges only for Silvio Caruso and there are 8 assassination challenges only for Francesca De Santis. There is 1 assassination challenge in which both targets are killed about the same time, and there are also 6 assassination challenges in which the targets are eliminated separately.

Opportunities Edit

World of Tomorrow opportunities
A Case Most Peculiar Absolution Beyond the Grave By Candlelight Catharsis
First Day on the Job Hostile Environment Memento Memory Lane The Good Son

Intel Edit

Main article: List of World of Tomorrow intel

While playing the mission, you will be able to receive a lot of different intel while finding certain items or overhearing certain conversations, sometimes while doing an opportunity. These pieces of intelligence (information) can be used to learn about what the purpose of different objects within the mission are for, or at least hint towards what you could do with them. Intel can also hint towards actions you could take in order to get closer to achieving the mission's objectives. Sometimes you may miss pieces of intelligence unless you fully listen to a conversation between two NPCs.

In World of Tomorrow, there are more than 28 intel messages to receive and once you have picked one up, you can find it in the mid-game menu. When starting the mission, no matter your choices during mission planning, you will always be given the ICA Key intel, giving you immediate access to the ICA Safe House located near the main square.

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The most important characters in the mission are the main targets, Silvio Caruso and Francesca De Santis. Other characters who play important roles in different opportunities during the mission includes the detective Sal Falcone, the therapist Dr. Oscar Lafayette and the golf coach Roberto Vargas.

There are certain characters who wear unique disguises. These include Mario Saltatore who is the only Red Plumber, Luigi Saltatore who is the only Green Plumber and Umberto Megazzini who is the only Street Performer. Although there are two characters wearing the Mansion Chef disguise, Chef Marcello Ray is the only one of them with a significant role in the mission.

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The majority of the map consists of civilians walking around the town of Sapienza. There are also a large number of security personnel on the town streets, and also in both Villa Caruso and the Ether field lab. The security responsible for the mansion is called Mansion Security while the guards patrolling down in the lab are called Biolab Security. Regular Bodyguards are spread across the town streets among the civilians.

In the lab, there are plenty of Lab Technicians working, as well as characters wearing Hazmat Suits. In the mansion, there are plenty of employees carrying out different tasks, such as Gardeners, Housekeepers, Mansion Staff and Kitchen Assistants.

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