Winch is an interactable object available in Hitman.

Information Edit

Winches are attached to the walls, often inside the same room as a chandelier which they are linked to. Releasing the winch will make the chandelier fall to the ground, crushing any character standing below to death. This can also be used to simply create a distraction. There is no item required to be able to release this normal kind of winch.

There are also winches connected to other objects, such as the light rig in Palais de Walewska. This one requires a crowbar because it needs to be broken free.

Locations Edit

The Showstopper Edit


The winch for the light rig requires a crowbar and will crush anyone on the catwalk below.

In The Showstopper episode, there is a winch located in almost every single room where there is also a chandelier. The winch is connected to a specific chandelier, meaning if there are several chandeliers in the same room, there are also several winches. By the chandeliers location in the room, compared to the winches location in the room, you should be able to figure out yourself which winch belongs to which chandelier. Note that some chandeliers, mainly on the top floor, have got no winch at all. To make those drop, you need to use a firearm weapon and shoot them down instead. By making sure no one sees you and by using your silenced pistol, you can make the crashing chandelier look like an accident.

There is one special winch on the top floor inside the attic, which is the only one not to cause a chandelier to drop. This one can instead be used to make the light rig drop down onto the catwalk located on the ground floor below. The winch for the light rig can be accessed through a walkway between the north and south side of the attic. It can be accessed on the west side from Dalia Margolis's private office and on the east side from the corridor connecting the north and south side of the attic together. This one can not simply be released but must be broken free, thus requiring you to bring a crowbar with you. A crowbar can however be found nearby, leaning against the window railing in the attic corridor east of the walkway.

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