Viktor Novikov is one of the main targets of The Showstopper episode, together with Dalia Margolis.

Biography Edit

Early years Edit

Novikov prospered in the post-USSR boom of capitalism. He made his early fortunes in real estate but when he during the recession took a nasty financial beating, he turned to more creative sources of income. These included corporate espionage, extortion, insurance fraud, kidnapping and arson. He would do anything in order to maintain his ostentatious way of life.

Recent times Edit

Five years ago, Novikov pulled the plug on all of his illegal operations. He purchased Sanguine, one of Europe's oldest and most prestigious couture brands. He then relocated to Paris and went completely legit, at least so it seemed. The ICA believes that his new persona was always just a front for a much more lucrative scheme.

Personality Edit

Novikov is described as charismatic but arrogant and thuggish. He is proud and uncompromising, and a man with a lot of self-confidence but little self-esteem. He is not the type of man you back into a corner.

Appearance Edit

Novikov wears a white coat over a black sweater and has white pants. He wears black shoes and is bespectacled.

Personal life Edit

Novikov's girlfriend is Israeli supermodel Dalia Margolis, who is also a target during The Showstopper mission. She is believed to be the real power behind the throne when it comes to Novikov's involvement in recent illegalities.

He is a self-made billionaire and the owner of couture brand Sanguine. He is also one of the ringleaders of the spyring IAGO.

The Showstopper Edit

Main article: The Showstopper

Viktor and his girlfriend Dalia are both present at Palais de Walewska while the fashion show is taking place there during The Showstopper mission. While Dalia is handling the IAGO auction upstairs, Viktor is basking in the spotlight on the ground floor, making sure the fashion show runs smoohtly and keeping the invited guests company.

Meeting with Decker Edit

Before the fashion show, Novikov planned to meet with Max Decker, but the FSB contact got stuck in traffic and arrived when the show had already started. During the evening, Novikov is still planning to meet with Decker at the Pavilion. Novikov will eventually speak to Decker on the phone, who is now waiting in the Lounge, telling him to wait there for a security guard to come fetch him. Novikov will then try to head over the pavilion but will also become busy with guests, ultimately receiveng a phone call from Decker who is still waiting for him. In the end he will arrive to the pavilion where Decker already is.

The Novikov case Edit

The meeting with Decker is about a criminal case mounted against Novikov by the FSB. With Novikov not always having been in the fashion industry, the FSB has been collecting intel on him about his criminal past, and present. Novikov payed FSB contact Max Decker a seven digit amount to destroy the evidence. Decker managed to arrange a fire at the FSB headquarters and also got hold of the last remaining copy of the case file, containing all dirt the FSB had found on Novikov. At the meeting, Decker handed him the case file.

Feeling relieved about the case against him being over for good, Novikov wants to savour the moment and asks his personal bodyguard Kurt Donovan to leave him alone for a moment. He takes a walk through the garden and then stands by the railing, looking out over the Seine. According to him, it was worth the money to get a clean slate.

Kamarov's "suicide" Edit

The night before the fashion show at Palais de Walewska, the current FSB section chief Nicholai Kamarov was murdered by someone Novikov hired and it was made to look like a suicide. As section chief of the FSB, Kamarov was leading the investigation against Novikov. Parts of the reason Novikov had Kamarov killed was also to secure his legacy and tie up lose ends.

Quotes Edit

"Congressman Walsh. A pleasure as always. Be sure to join Dalia and I for a drink later"

-Novikov greeting a friend.

"Look, don't be an asshole, Sebastian. You're the star of the show, whether you like it or not."

-Novikov addressing head designer Sebastian Sato.

Trivia Edit

  • Viktor Novikov says "Do svidaniya" to Max Decker, meaning "Goodbye" or "See you" in the Russian language.

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