For the piece of intel received, see VHS Tape (intel)

VHS Tape is an item available in Hitman. It can be found in the World of Tomorrow episodic mission.

Location Edit

The VHS Tape can be found inside the Observatory which is the most western room of the most north western building within the Villa Caruso mansion grounds. It is located at the top of the Observatory Dome in the north west corner, up the stairs right next to the telescope, lying one some boxes beside a table.

Use Edit

The VHS Tape can be inserted into the Observatory projector located on the ground floor of the observatory, on the western side of the room. Starting the tape in the projector will roll the recorded film on the projector screen in the south west corner of the room.

By simply putting on the tape, Silvio Caruso will eventually come into the room and notice that it has been turned on. This is part of the opportunity called Memory Lane during which you get a chance to assassinate Silvio while he's alone.

Content Edit

The VHS tape contains footage from Silvio Caruso's childhood. The footage consists of a couple of still frames showing for a few seconds each, while music is playing in the background. One of the frames on the tape does not show during the normal run of the tape.

Frames Edit

Frame Still image Description
1 Silviovid1 The image appears to depict Silvio when he was young, having won some kind of award. It looks like it might be for a science project he created.
2 Silviovid2 The image appears to depict Silvio's two older brothers. Based on frame 6 of the VHS tape, Silvio was probably not alive when this photo was taken. The image also reveals that the family had a dog but it is unclear if it was still alive when Silvio was born. The boy on the left could technically be Silvio himself with another boy but it seems less likely.
3 Silviovid3 The image appears to depict Silvio himself, perhaps looking at insects in a magnifying glass. With the sunlight reflecting into the glass, he might actually be trying to burn something alive. A woman's legs can be seen in the upper corner, potentially being his mother.
4 Silviovid4 The image appears to depict Silvio eating something. The plate looks like it contains spaghetti bolognese and could possibly be his mother's family recipe. It seems however that he's eating some type of chicken or meat on a bone, and also based on the tables behind him, that he's at a restaurant. It could also be a dining hall with a different layout to how the one at today's Villa Caruso looks like.
5 Silviovid5 The image appears to depict Silvio's mother, Isabella Caruso, together with another man presumed to be Silvio's father. Isabella's face can not be seen clearly and they appear to be walking next to the water.
6 Silviovid6 The frame is hidden at normal running speed of the VHS tape and appears to follow frame 5. The image appears to depict Silvio when he was only a baby, carried by his mother Isabella. His older twin brothers appears in the background, looking like they are quite many years older than Silvio.

Music Edit

The song playing in the background while the video is playing is performed in both English and Italian by a male singer.

Trivia Edit

  • The VHS tape appears to contain a hidden frame, not visible while the video is running normally at full speed. It depicts Silvio as a baby.
  • The song playing in the background contains lyrics focusing on the number 47, a reference to Agent 47 himself.

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