Trespassing in Hitman is the action of walking within a restricted area of the map while wearing a disguise which is not allowed within the specified zone.

When trespassing, most characters will become suspicious of you if they should see you. When caught trespassing, in some cases you will be escorted by another character, such as a guard or security, to a non-trespassing area.

You will be notified when you are trespassing by a message popping up down by your minimap. If you notice that every other character suddenly will become suspicious of you, it probably means you are trespassing. Wearing a proper disguise will often counter trespassing.

Restricted parts of the map can often be identified by there being plenty of security in the area, such as patrolling guards. Entrances to these areas are also often guarded by security personnel standing by the doors or openings. Sometimes a sign on the wall can be enough to inform you that you are about to enter a trespass zone. When approaching a guard standing outside an entrance, the guard could tell you that you are not allowed any further, meaning the area ahead is a trespass zone. Be aware that sometimes even certain security disguises are not allowed in certain areas.

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