The Showstopper is the first mission in Hitman. The next mission is World of Tomorrow. It was released together with the game itself on 11 March 2016.

In the storyline, The Showstopper follows the cinematic Call Me 47 and is followed by the cinematic The Secrets of the Global Elite.

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Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis, the CEOs of the the couture brand Sanguine are hosting a fashion show at Palais de Walewska in Paris. While Novikov is basking in the spotlight, Margolis is hosting a secret auction upstairs. The MI6 has placed a contract on the couple, who are intending to sell off a NOC list containing the names of British undercover agents at the auction.

The mission starts at 19:47, just as the fashion show is about to begin. Agent 47 has arrived at the front gate with an invitation to the regular party, but not to the secretive meeting taking place upstairs.

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The mission takes places in Paris at the Palais de Walewska, a museum owned by Simone Larin, where a fashion event is now being hosted. The palace is surrounded by the Seine river on three sides and a fence stretching along the east side. The palace is a four story building including the basement, and also has a large open garden and park area. There are plenty of key locations within the walkable map. Viktor Novikov remains on the ground floor, entertaining the guests and making sure the fashion show runs smoothly, while Dalia Margolis is hosting the auction on the top floor with the IAGO customers.

The palace consists of the ground level, containing notable rooms such as the Catwalk in the middle, as well as the Dressing Area, Bar Area and the main Entrance hall. The Pavilion is also a notable locked up area outside, on the backside of the already restricted palace grounds. On the second floor there is the Library, AV center and plenty of rooms and suites. On the top floor, the entire eastern portion is part of the Attic, while the IAGO auction is hosted in the western most room, adjacanet to Dalia Margolis' office.

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Good evening 47. Your destination is the Paris fashion show by Sanguine, one of Europe's leading couture brands. Your targets are Sanguine owner Viktor Novikov, a former oligarch turned fashion mogul, and his partner, Dalia Margolis, a retired supermodel. An iconic power couple on the global fashion scene, and two of the most dangerous people in the world. Novikov and Margolis are in fact the ringleaders of IAGO, an enigmatic spy ring that deals in the global elite's most valuable secrets. Unscrupulous and opportunistic, IAGO has caused disastrous security leaks all over the globe.
When Crimean separatists caused a deadly meltdown at the Odessa nuclear power plant, IAGO gave them access to the plant's security network. And when the Delgado drug cartel shot down the plane of President Hernandez and his family, IAGO provided the classified flight plans. Now Novikov and Margolis have obtained a NOC list of British undercover agents, which they plan to sell at a secret IAGO auction during the Sanguine show. So, our client, MI6, need us to stop the ringleaders before the NOC list ends up in the wrong hands.
The Sanguine show will be swarming with security, and Viktor Novikov will be the focus of everyone's attention. But despite his posturing, he is merely the moneyman. The real target is Dalia Margolis, beautiful and brilliant. She is a master manipulator and the true brains behind IAGO. Two targets. A highly public event. At first glance, an impossible task. Then again, I do know how you love a challenge. I will leave you to prepare.

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The two targets of The Showstopper mission. Left: Dalia Margolis. Right: Viktor Novikov.

Mastery Edit

Level Title Type
1 Main Entrance Starting Location
1 Basement Stairwell Agency Pickup
2 Undercover in Kitchen Starting Location
3 Shed Agency Pickup
4 Undercover in Dressing Area Starting Location
5 Jaeger 7 Weapon
6 Pantry Agency Pickup
7 Undercover in AV Center Starting Location
8 Logistics Trailer Agency Pickup
9 Undercover in Locker Room Starting Location
10 ICA Silverballer Weapon
11 Sedative Poison Vial Gear
12 Palace Garden Starting Location
13 Top Floor Bathroom Agency Pickup
14 Attic Starting Location
15 TAC-SMG Weapon
16 First Floor Apartments Agency Pickup
17 Pile-Driver Barge Starting Location
18 Empty Attic Room Agency Pickup
19 Undercover at IAGO Auction Starting Location
20 HWK 21 Covert Weapon
20 ICA Remote Explosive Gear

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There are a total of 80 challenges to accomplish in the mission. These include 26 assassinations, 34 discoveries, 18 feats and 2 targets. Completing challenges will give Paris Mission Mastery which will unlock different starting locations, agency pickups, as well as gear and weapons.

Assassinations which are unique to this mission include gas lamp explosion, river drowning, poisoned cocktail, exploding camera, crush by speaker, crush by body falling and crush by falling light rig. There are 7 assassination challenges only for Dalia Margolis and there are 10 assassination challenges only for Viktor Novikov. There are 4 assassination challenges in which both targets are killed about the same time, and there are also 5 assassination challenges in which the targets are eliminated separately.

Opportunities Edit

The Showstopper opportunities
15 Seconds of Fame A Drink to Die For A Private Meeting A Quick Break
A Rare Scoop Guest of Honor Lights Out Playing with Fire

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