The Forger was the first ever Elusive targets mission for Hitman. The main target of the mission was Sergei Larin, husband to Simone Larin, the owner of Palais de Walewska.

Release Edit

The elusive targets icon with the "coming soon" message had been in the game since it was released on 11 March 2016. The first ever elusive target to the game wasn't released until 13 May 2016 when The Forger went live. The mission was available for 48 hours starting at 18:00 CEST / 09:00 PDT. An official trailer was released the same day on Hitman's official Youtube channel.

Background story Edit

Accomplished art forger Sergei Larin has been copying the museum's crown jewels for years in order to sell his perfect forgeries to rich and famous people. It's the perfect timing to assassinate him at the palace this evening because his wife is away in New York City.

Objectives Edit

Gameplay Edit

Sergei Larin is always followed by his personal bodyguard. He spends time in his painting office on the second level, which is the smaller eastern room out of the three rooms with entrances from the northern corridor overlooking the catwalk on the ground floor below. He also uses the adjacent room to the east. During the mission, Sergei heads upstairs to the top floor and enters the attic. He will also head down to the ground level to walk through the south western room with Display Cases, before walking west through the dressing area.

Player stats Edit

53% of the players attempting the contract successfully completed it. 9.9% of the players managed to accomplish the Silent Assassin challenge. The first player to complete the mission did so 6 minutes after release. The first Silent Assassin run was achieved 34 minutes after release.

Leaderboards by console Edit

# Player Score
1 pseudonymous 204,862
2 c2h60 204,839
3 640509 0401 47 203,158
# Player Score
1 mycool1984 198,928
2 foky777 198,163
3 chias-the-muffin 198,040
# Player Score
1 unknowngamer477 202,153
2 big boss 00 200,910
3 escapeninja11 199,353

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Video Edit

HITMAN - Elusive Target 1 Trailer (The Forger)

HITMAN - Elusive Target 1 Trailer (The Forger)

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