The Final Test is the fourth and final part of the Hitman prologue at the ICA Facility destination. The previous prologue is Freeform Training.

In the storyline, The Final Test follows the cinematic No Second Chances and is followed by the cinematic Call Me 47.

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There are a total of 27 challenges to accomplish in the mission. These include 12 assassinations, 12 discoveries and 3 feats. There is no mastery system for The Final Test since it is only part of the prologue and the mission can not be planned when starting.

Assassinations which are unique to this mission include crush by spotlight, projector electrocution and ejector seat accident. You are also able to set up another character to accidently murder the target. Each of the 12 assassination challenges involves assassinating Jasper Knight, but only 8 of them requires you to assassinate him in a specific way.

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The Final Test opportunities
Final Terms Safe Conduct Safety First To Fallen Comrades

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The mission involves a number of characters both inside and outside the compound. The most important character is of course Jasper Knight who is the target of the mission. Another important character is Cilas Netzke who you can set up to accidently murder the target for you. Netzke's costume is also the only KGB Officer disguise on the map. This disguise is the only one that no one on the entire map will recognize you in, so wearing this disguise means you do not have to worry at all about being spotted, except for when committing obvious crimes in front of other characters.

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