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Kalvin Ritter

Kalvin Ritter is the first target of the game.

A target in Hitman is the subject of a mission that needs to be assassinated. There can be more than one target required to eliminate in every mission and there can also be more to the mission than only assassinating a target.

Targets Edit

Mission targets Edit

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The first target to eliminate is Kalvin Ritter during the ICA Facility prologues. During Guided Training you are instructed to take out Ritter in a specific way, but in Freeform Training there are multiple ways of approach. The final part of the prologue is The Final Test where the target is Jasper Knight.

The first episode The Showstopper is the first mission to include more than one target. Agent 47 travels to Paris in order to take out both Dalia Margolis and Viktor Novikov. In the second episode World of Tomorrow there are also two targets to eliminate in the town of Sapienza. They are Silvio Caruso and Francesca De Santis. The second episode is also the first one where you are required to complete an objective as well before being able to complete the mission. In this case you need to destroy the DNA Specific Virus.

Elusive targets Edit

Escalation targets Edit

Contract targets Edit

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