Sushi Plate is an interactable object available in Hitman. Like any other drinks it can be poisoned in order to make someone sick or to murder them instantly.

Locations Edit

In The Showstopper episode, there are three plates on the ground level. Two of them are located in the bar area, which is the large northern room, with an exit leading onto the northern terrace. One of them is located in the very south west corner of the room, and the other one is located ontop of the buffet table standing on the east side of the room. The third and last one can be found inside the kitchen, which is the room just west of the bar area, accessed from the bar disk's back area. This one is lying on a table in the south east part of the room and will be eaten by Viktor Novikov's private bodyguard during his default cycle, as he is following Novikov into the room. If poisoned, he will head towards a nearby bathroom where you can take him out without anyone noticing, meaning Novikov will now walk around without any security tailing him.

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