Starting Location is a type of unlock available on Hitman missions. When you gain mastery levels you will begin to unlock different starting locations on the map. You can then choose to start from these locations when you are planning the mission. When starting at some locations you will also start in a certain disguise.

The Showstopper Edit

Mastery Title
1 Main Entrance
2 Undercover in Kitchen
4 Undercover in Dressing Area
7 Undercover in AV Center
9 Undercover in Locker Room
12 Palace Garden
14 Attic
17 Pile-Driver Barge
19 Undercover at IAGO Auction

World of Tomorrow Edit

Mastery Title
1 Main Square
2 ICA Safe House
4 Undercover in Mansion Garden
7 Undercover in Mansion Kitchen
9 Undercover as Security Staff
11 Undercover in Field Lab
13 Harbor
16 Main Square Tower
18 Sapienza Ruins

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