Spotlight is an interactable object in Hitman. The spotlight is mounted which means it needs to brooken free. This can be done using a crowbar but you can also use a firearm to shoot down a spotlight. Some spotlights are unreachable and must be shot down.

Locations Edit

The Final Test Edit

In The Final Test prologue mission there are two reachable spotlights on level 3. To access the tiny walkable area of level 3, you need to climb the southwest part of the outdoor terrace on level 2. When climbing up you will have access to the two spotlights. The western one of these can be used to assassinate Jasper Knight.

From the level 3 spot you will clearly see many more spotlights attached to the roof of the hangar. You can use a weapon to shoot all of these down. The falling spotlights will distract the guards downstairs.

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