Silvio Caruso is one of the main targets of the World of Tomorrow episode, together with Francesca De Santis. Silvio Caruso is today one of the world's finest stem cell researchers. He is a bioengineer who is employed by the Ether Biotech Corporation.

Biography Edit

Early years Edit

During his younger years, Caruso was always weak and got manipulated by his own mother. He was also bullied as a child and taunted by girls. Silvio's teacher however, said that he would do great things.

Silvio later became renowned for his early stem-cell research. At one time, he hired the ICA to kill a childhood bully of his.

Recent times Edit

Two years ago, Caruso was offered to spearhead a research project with the capacity to change modern warfare and shift the global balance of power from states to individuals. The project, started by the Ether Corporation, involved the creation of a DNA Specific Virus, capable of targeting anyone in the world, invisible and indestructible. Because of his suffers from childhood, the idea struck a chord with Caruso.

Caruso convinced Ether to install a state-of-the-art research lab at his Villa Caruso family estate, in order for him to not need to leave his home.

Personality Edit

Silvio Caruso is described as a brilliant but troubled genius, being neurotic, angst-ridden and socially awkward. Already when he was younger, he was shy, withdrawn and emotionally fragile. He has also developed a strong case of gynophobia (fear of women), due to his mother's way of raising him.

His demeanor is reserved and awkward, shifting between cirppling insecurity and megalomania. He speaks in fits and starts, as if social interaction causes him great physical pain. Although Silvio may seem harmless at first, he is however anything but.

Appearance Edit

Silvio is dressed in a casual blue shirt with a collar, and has a pink scarf wrapped over his shoulders. He has a gold necklace and a watch. He dons white pants with a brown belt and brownish-white shoes. Silvio has a dark skin tone, a black moustache and wears a pair of shades that obscure the colour of his eyes.

Personal life Edit

Silvio is the last descendant in a line of rural aristocrats and the youngest of three brothers. His twin older brothers eventually ran away from home and disappeared without a trace. His father also died a long time ago.

Relation to his mother Edit

His mother is named Isabella Caruso and has already died by the time Agent 47 is sent to assassinate Silvio during the World of Tomorrow mission, but she plays an important role in the mission's story.

When Silvio's brothers disappeared, Isabella clung to her one remaining son, who she cowed for years. She made Silvio feel like a failure in order for him to remain devoted to her only. As he grew up, he recieved psychological abuse from his mother and he despised himself for not being strong enough to oppose her. Caruso's relation to his mother is described as a love-hate relationship.

Quotes Edit

"Notes on Ether project: Ongoing. I can no longer claim objective detachment. This is a weapon for the powerless, it would turn everything around. Ether thinks they can control it..........but they can't........I won't let them! Do not fear the strong. Fear the weak. For they have something to prove."

- Silvio in the Sapienza trailer.

"I am close now, Mother. (kneels down) I will make my mark on this world. You said always said I thought too highly of myself. You were wrong. I know what you went through, alone in this mansion, Husband dead, abandoned by your favourite sons. Single mother to an unlovable child. You were smart. You shown such promise, could have become anything. But you settled for a life of convenience. And when you finally realised your mistake, it was all too late. But guess what, Mother? Worse fates than yours had befallen members of the human species. Others have managed to bare the burden more gracefully. You made me feel I was worthless! I will never forgive you! Part of me wishes you were here, I could smother you all over again."

- At his mother's grave.

"Ugh, terrible! Just awful! My dear sweet mother would be turning over in her grave if she knew how you butchered her family recipe! For shame, Mr Ray, for shame."

- Silvio, chiding Chef Marcello.

"Um, uh, yes, I-- good-- good afternoon, Miss De Santis."

- Silvio greeting Francesca.

Video Edit

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Hitman Sapienza - The Full Story

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