Sergei Larin, also known as Baron Larin, was an elusive target added to Hitman on 13 May 2016. He was available as part of The Forger mission which lasted for 48 hours.

Biography Edit

Sergei Larin was a known accomplished art forger who had been copying the crown jewels of Palais de Walewska's museum art for years. He was a talented artist who had been linked to art broker Sir Howard Moxon, a specialist in selling perfect forgeries to the rich and famous. The ICA suspected that Larin had been copying and selling his wife's heirlooms for several years and that no originals remained on the palace walls.

Assassination Edit

Main article: The Forger

While his wife was in New York City, Sergei remained at Palais de Walewska where he attended Viktor Novikov's party, at least for some part of the evening. He however spent most of this time walking around to check on the art. During his time at the palace, he was followed by a personal bodyguard, but that didn't stop Agent 47 from assassinating him.

Personality Edit

Sergei loved to watch what he defines as beautiful people because what he defines as ugly people are too boring. He loved going to parties and he also enjoyed laughting at his own jokes. Sergei could sometimes paint while being drunk, not realizing until later when looking carefully that a painting couldn't be sold because lack of perfection.

Personal life Edit

Sergei was educated at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris (École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts). His wife for 9 years was Simone Larin who is the owner of Palais de Walewska, it's museum and all of it's art. He hated his wife's father who didn't think Sergei was good enough even after all these years.

His relationship with his wife was strained with Sergei presenting himself in public as "Baron Larin, the owner of Palais de Walewska", when in fact that was not the case. Sergei personally thought his wife was a bore but he enjoyed the company of his personal bodyguard.

Wealth Edit

Sergei made his fortune from selling fake paintings, despite already being part of a wealthy family through his wife. He owned his own speedboat, lying in the Seine on the west side of the palace.

Job Edit

Sergei worked at Palais de Walewska and had his own rooms on the second level. His painting room is the smaller western room out of the three rooms with entrances from the northern corridor overlooking the catwalk on the ground floor below. He also used the room to the east of his painting room a lot.

Interests Edit

Sergei always had a thing for paintings and art. He could walk around the palace looking at different artworks, statues and sculptures. There were special paintings he found especially perfect, such as the Mon petit caporal in the ground level's south eastern display room.

In addition to his interest in paintings, Sergei also had an obsession for French military and political leader Napoléon Bonaparte (1769-1821).

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts where Sergei was educated is in fact a real art school in Paris.
  • The Speedboat Key on the table in his office can be used to exit a mission in Paris after completing it. It goes to his speedboat located beyond the helicopter down some stairs, on the west side of the palace grounds.

See also Edit

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