Security camera is an interactable object available in Hitman.

Information Edit

Security cameras will record your movement and are preferably avoided, but the importance of avoiding one is not considered to be of too big importance by most players. For a perfect stealth mission it is however of course necessary not to be detected by the cameras. If you are caught by a security camera you can erase the security footage at certain places inside the map where the surveillance is being handled.

Locations Edit

The Showstopper Edit

In The Showstopper episode, there are three security cameras in total, all located inside the same room. They can be found in three out of the four corners belonging to the large middle room on the second floor, which is overlooking the catwalk on the ground below. There is a camera in the north west, north east and south east corner, only making the south west corner fully clear of surveillance. There are plenty of other rooms around which makes it fully possible to avoid the cameras by walking through other rooms instead of passing these corners.

The north western camera is facing south, while the two eastern ones are both facing west.

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