For the piece of intel received, see Safe Combination (intel)

Safe Combination is an item available in Hitman. It can be found in the World of Tomorrow episodic mission.

The safe combination is written on a post-it note which can be located in the small room adjacent to Francesca De Santis' office. The combination is required in order to open the Safe in the attic, belonging to Silvio Caruso. The DNA Sample is located inside. The combination is part of the opportunity called Memento.

The room where the combination is located can be accessed directly from the attic during the Memento opportunity. Exit the attic on the north side and walk out on the roof, then turn left and jump down from the roof onto the terrace to the north west. From there you can climb through a window and straight into the room where the note is lying on a table. You can return the exact same way, only you need to climb a nearby drain pipe instead since you can not reach the roof from down there.

Trivia Edit

  • The safe combination scribbled on the note is 3-6-9.
  • The note also says Molto segreto!!!, which means "Very secret!!!" in Italian.

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