Not for Human Consumption is a feat to achieve in the prologue Freeform Training at the ICA Facility destination.

To accomplish the challenge, Agent 47 must poison Kalvin Ritter with Emetic Rat Poison.

Objective Edit

  • Poison the target with rat poison.

Guide Edit


Kalvin Ritter drinking from the poisoned Glass of Red Wine.

Start of by heading towards the left side entrance of the yacht. Climb through the window to access the back area and take out the Mechanic. Put on his disguise and then board the yacht. Walk past the three mechanics and enter the door straight forward to the left of the stairs. In this room you will find Emetic Rat Poison. Head back through the same door and now go up the stairs to reach Deck 01.

Once upstairs, head into the kitchen which is the larger room right infront of you which can be accessed from two sides. Take out the Yacht Crew member who is cooking by the stove and then take his disguise. You can also hide the body in the freezer behind him. Do NOT use the rat poison on the Kitchen Pot. Keep the poison on you and locate the stairs leading to Deck 02.

Once upstairs go to the right (front) side of the boat where the bar is located. Kalvin Ritter will become suspicious of you despite wearing a Yacht Crew uniform so make sure he does not see you. You can blend in at the bar to avoid detection. You will notice that there is a Glass of Red Wine on the table nearest to the bar disk. Ritter will drink from this glass and NOT from the glass on the bar disk itself. Wait for a while and there will be a moment when you can walk up to the drink and apply the rat poison. The only one who is not allowed to see you doing it is Ritter. Since you are wearing a Yacht Crew disguise, no one else will be suspicious of you when you are touching drinks. After putting in the poison, quickly go back and blend in again by the bar. Wait for Ritter to drink from the wine and he will now start to feel sick. This is all that is required to complete this challenge.

Ritter will now head towards the bathroom. Follow him there, walk into the room behind him and close the door. He will start throwing up in the toilet which mean you can also kill him by drowning him. This is needed for the Ironic challenge. Another alternative is to kill him for the Classic Hitman challenge by strangling him with your Fiber Wire. There is a closet in the bathroom where you can hide his body. This is needed for The Cleaner challenge. Once ritter is dead, find your way off the yacht and exit to complete the mission.

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