More Than You Bargained For is an assassination to achieve in The Showstopper mission in Paris.

To accomplish the challenge, Agent 47 must assassinate Dalia Margolis during the meeting while disguised as Helmut Kruger.

Objectives Edit

  • Assassinate Dalia Margolis during the meeting while disguised as Helmut Kruger.

Quick walkthrough Edit

In order to complete the challenge, you need to go through the opportunity called 15 Seconds of Fame which can be tracked from the mid-game menu. You can also follow the walkthrough below.

1. Locate Helmut Kruger behind Palais de Walewska.
2. Wait for him to walk away and place his phone call to Dalia Margolis.
3. Take him out when no one is watching and then wear his disguise.
4. Pick up his phone from the ground and place the call to Dalia.
5. Get your make up done in the Dressing Area.
6. Walk the catwalk.
7. Head upstairs to the top floor and meet Dalia in her office.
8. Assassinate Dalia during the meeting.

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