A Mission in Hitman is the task Agent 47 must complete when sent to a destination. The objective of the mission is often to assassinate specific targets. A mission within the main storyline can also be referred to as an Episode, since the game developers releases new maps with new missions over time instead of all at once.

Planning Edit

Main article: Mission planning

For episodic missions, you will be able to enter the mission planning section before entering the game. Depending on your Mission Mastery level, you will be able to choose between different starting locations, smuggled items, as well as gear and weapons to bring into the game from start.

You need to complete challenges in order to unlock more and more planning options, since these will grant Mastery. Each mission has specific unlocks rewarded for every new Mission Mastery level you gain.

Missions Edit

Destination Missions Escalations Elusives Targets
Ica facility ICA Facility Guided Training
Freeform Training
The Final Test
The Einarsson Inception
The Snorrason Ascension
Paris-france Franceicon Paris (France) The Showstopper The Ezekiel Paradox
The Gemini Fiasco
The Granville Curiosity
The Hexagon Protocol
The Holmwood Disturbance
The Mandelbulb Requiem
The Marsden Isotopy
The Osterman Mosaic
The Perkins Disarray
The Shapiro Omen
The Kotti Paradigm
The Forger
The Sensation
The Broker
Sapienza-italy Italyicon Sapienza (Italy) World of Tomorrow
The Icon
The Apeiron Sadness
The Kerner Disquiet
The Sigma Illusion
The Szilassi Darkness
The Congressman
The Prince
The Twin
The Wildcard
150px File:Morrocoicon.png Marrakesh (Morroco) A Gilded Cage
A House Built on Sand
The Reziko Conundrum The Gunrunner
150px File:Thailandicon.png Bangkok (Thailand) Club 27

Prologue Edit

ICA Facility Edit

Main articles: Guided Training, Freeform Training, The Final Test

Episodes Edit

Paris Edit

Main articles: The Showstopper

Sapienza Edit

Main articles: World of Tomorrow, The Icon

Marrakesh Edit

Main articles: A Gilded Cage', A House Built on Sand

Bangkok Edit

Main article: Club 27

Bonus Episode Edit

Main article: Bonus Episode

Escalation Edit

Main article: Escalation

Escalation is another type of mission where you have different targets than in the main storyline, but still within the same destination map. An escalation mission escalates in difficulty every time you complete it according to the mission instructions. There are five levels for every escalation mission to accomplish except for The Kotti Paradigm which is the only one to have three levels so far.

Mission Escalations
Freeform Training 1
The Final Test 1
The Showstopper 15
World of Tomorrow 6
The Icon 1
A Gilded Cage 4
A House Built on Sand 0
Club 27 1

Contracts Edit

Main article: Contracts

Elusive targets Edit

Main article: Elusive targets

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