Mastery, or Mission Mastery, is a reward system in Hitman. When completing certain challenges for a specific mission, you will gain Mission Mastery to unlock additional starting locations, agency pickups, as well as gear and weapons to use within that mission. You can then choose among these additional unlocks when planning your mission.

So far only episodic missions belonging to the game's main storyline have Mastery.

Mastery levels Edit

There are twenty levels of Mastery to achieve for an episode. Every challenge you complete will give you between 1000 and 5000 Mission Mastery. These "experience points" will count towards your Mastery level. As you complete more and more challenges you will gain more and more Mastery levels until you reach the maximum level 20.

Unlocks Edit

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Starting locations Edit

Main article: Starting Location

One of the unlocks you can recieve from leveling up mastery are new starting locations. When playing a mission for the first time you will only be able to choose to start from the main starting location. For the two first episodic missions, there are 8 additional starting locations to unlock for each map. When starting at certain starting locations, you will automatically be undercover when spawning, wearing a suitable disguise for the specific area of the map.

Agency pickups Edit

Main article: Agency Pickup

One of the unlocks you can recieve from leveling up mastery are new agency pickups. These will allow you to smuggle in an additional piece of gear or weapon into the mission. Although you can only choose one item per mission, you will be able to unlock different locations to hide the smuggled item at, as you progress in mastery level.

Gear and weapons Edit

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One of the unlocks you can recieve from leveling up mastery are new gear and weapons. Unlocking new gear and weapons allows you to bring in these from the start of the mission when planning it, or to hide at various agency pickups. To complete certain challenges, it can be easier to unlock certain gear and weapons first before completing them, but there will still always be a way to accomplish all challenges anyway.

Mission Mastery Edit

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Paris Edit

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Sapienza Edit

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See also Edit

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