Loudspeaker is an interactable object available in Hitman. It can be found in The Showstopper mission. Loudspeakers are mounted objects, requiring you to break them down by the use of a crowbar. You can however shoot them down with a firearm as well, such as with a silenced pistol.

Locations Edit

There are two Loudspeakers on the second level, attached to the railing, hanging above the large room where the catwalk is located on the ground floor below. They can be found mounted onto the south eastern and north eastern part of the railing. These can be used to assassinate Viktor Novikov with, which will be deemed an accidental kill if you do it unnoticed. Both will work for the assassination but one of them needs to be timed perfectly since he only stops and waits for a moment underneath one of them.

There is also a loudspeaker on the balcony of the larger middle room out of the three rooms with entrances from the northern corridor overlooking the catwalk. This one can also be used to assassinate Viktor Novikov with if you trigger him to change his walking cycle to also include exiting the palace, walking out onto the bar area's terrace on the ground level below the loudspeaker.

These are the only loudspeakers which you have access to directly so that you can break their mounting physically, but there are other loudspeakers as well hanging at certain places inside and outside the palace on the walls. These must of course however be shot down.

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