This is a list of mastery unlocks by mission. It shows the complete list of starting locations, agency pickups, as well as gear and weapons, which you are able to unlock for every Mission Mastery level you gain on a mission.

Paris Edit

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Level Title Type
1 Main Entrance Starting Location
1 Basement Stairwell Agency Pickup
2 Undercover in Kitchen Starting Location
3 Shed Agency Pickup
4 Undercover in Dressing Area Starting Location
5 Jaeger 7 Weapon
6 Pantry Agency Pickup
7 Undercover in AV Center Starting Location
8 Logistics Trailer Agency Pickup
9 Undercover in Locker Room Starting Location
10 ICA Silverballer Weapon
11 Sedative Poison Vial Gear
12 Palace Garden Starting Location
13 Top Floor Bathroom Agency Pickup
14 Attic Starting Location
15 TAC-SMG Weapon
16 First Floor Apartments Agency Pickup
17 Pile-Driver Barge Starting Location
18 Empty Attic Room Agency Pickup
19 Undercover at IAGO Auction Starting Location
20 HWK 21 Covert Weapon
20 ICA Remote Explosive Gear

Sapienza Edit

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Level Title Type
1 Main Square Starting Location
1 ICA Safe House Agency Pickup
2 ICA Safe House Starting Location
3 Café Basement Agency Pickup
4 Undercover in Mansion Garden Starting Location
5 Remote Breaching Charge Gear
6 Mansion Garage Agency Pickup
7 Undercover in Mansion Kitchen Starting Location
8 Sapienza Ruins Agency Pickup
9 Undercover as Security Staff Starting Location
10 ICA Remote Audio Distraction Gear
10 Lethal Poison Vial Gear
11 Undercover in Field Lab Starting Location
12 Mansion Pantry Agency Pickup
13 Harbor Starting Location
14 Confessional Booth Agency Pickup
15 Enram HV Weapon
16 Main Square Tower Starting Location
17 Sewers Agency Pickup
18 Sapienza Ruins Starting Location
19 Ether Field Lab Agency Pickup
20 Jaeger 7 Lancer Weapon
20 Proximity Explosive Duck Gear

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