This is a list of disguises available in Hitman. It is the complete list of disguises that Agent 47 is able to wear during missions.

Disguises Edit

Main article: Disguise
Image Disguise Missions
Airfield Security Airfield Security The Final Test
Airplane Mechanic Airplane Mechanic The Final Test
Auction Staff Auction Staff The Showstopper
Biolab Security Biolab Security World of Tomorrow
Bodyguard Bodyguard Guided Training
Freeform Training
World of Tomorrow
Bohemian Bohemian World of Tomorrow
Butler Butler World of Tomorrow
Chef Chef The Showstopper
Church Staff Church Staff World of Tomorrow
CICADA Bodyguard CICADA Bodyguard The Showstopper
Cyclist Cyclist World of Tomorrow
Delivery Man Delivery Man World of Tomorrow
Gardener Gardener World of Tomorrow
Green Plumber Green Plumber World of Tomorrow
Hazmat Suit Hazmat Suit World of Tomorrow
Housekeeper Housekeeper World of Tomorrow
KGB Officer KGB Officer The Final Test
Kitchen Assistant4 Kitchen Assistant World of Tomorrow
Lab Technician Lab Technician World of Tomorrow
Mansion Chef Mansion Chef World of Tomorrow
Mansion Security4 Mansion Security World of Tomorrow
Mansion Staff Mansion Staff World of Tomorrow
Mechanic Mechanic Guided Training
The Final Test
Palace Staff Palace Staff The Showstopper
Plague Doctor Plague Doctor World of Tomorrow
Priest Priest World of Tomorrow
Private Detective Private Detective World of Tomorrow
Red Plumber Red Plumber World of Tomorrow
Security Guard1 Security Guard The Showstopper
Soviet Soldier Soviet Soldier The Final Test
Store Clerk Store Clerk World of Tomorrow
Street Performer Street Performer World of Tomorrow
Stylist Stylist The Showstopper
Tech Crew Tech Crew The Showstopper
Vampire Magician Vampire Magician The Showstopper
Waiter Waiter World of Tomorrow
Yacht Crew Yacht Crew Guided Training
Freeform Training
Yachtsecurity Yacht Security Guided Training
Freeform Training

Characters Edit

Image Disguise Missions
Dr. Oscar Lafayette Dr. Oscar Lafayette World of Tomorrow
Helmut Kruger Helmut Kruger The Showstopper
Roberto Vargas Roberto Vargas World of Tomorrow
Sheikh Salman al-Ghazali Sheikh Salman al-Ghazali The Showstopper
Terry Norfolk 47 Terry Norfolk Guided Training
Freeform Training

Suits Edit

See also: Suit
Image Disguise Missions
Signaturesuit47 47's Signature Suit The Showstopper
World of Tomorrow
Absolution Suit (yet to be released)
Blood Money Suit (yet to be released)
Italian Suit 47 Italian Suit World of Tomorrow
Traininggear Training Gear Guided Training
Freeform Training
The Final Test
Tuxedo47 Tuxedo The Showstopper

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