This is a list of Sapienza characters, all being part of the Sapienza episodic mission World of Tomorrow.

Characters Edit

There are upwards of 300 interactable characters in the mission. These include two targets and also two character disguises. There are plenty of characters wearing disguises which Agent 47 can wear but there are also lots of civilian characters without a disguise to pick up.

Name Disguise Items
Chef Marcello Ray Mansion Chef N/A
Dr. Oscar Lafayette Dr. Oscar Lafayette N/A
Francesca De Santis N/A Biolab Keycard
Luigi Saltatore Green Plumber N/A
Mario Saltatore Red Plumber Sewer Key
Roberto Vargas Roberto Vargas Roberto Vargas' Cell Phone
Sal Falcone Private Detective N/A
Silvio Caruso N/A N/A
Umberto Megazzini Street Performer N/A

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