This is a list of ICA Facility characters, all being part of the ICA Facility prologues Guided Training, Freeform Training as well as The Final Test.

Guided Training and Freeform Training Edit

There are 82 interactable characters in the yacht mission. These include one target and also one character disguise. There are 8 Mechanics, 8 Yacht Crew, 15 Yacht Security and 2 Bodyguards. Remaining interactable characters are all civilians. There are also a large number of non-interactable characters whose names are unknown. These are all civilians and while there is no option to subdue these from behind, you can still punch them or shoot them to death.

Name Disguise Items
Aaron Scott N/A N/A
Abby Parker N/A N/A
Alex Perry Yacht Crew N/A
Allen Rogers N/A N/A
Amy M. Lee N/A N/A
Arthur M. Parrish Yacht Crew N/A
Austin Ferguson Mechanic N/A
Ben Finch Mechanic N/A
Bert Mullins Yacht Security Bartoli 75R
Betty T. Ramos N/A N/A
Bradley Davis N/A N/A
Bradley John Yacht Crew N/A
Caitlin Nelson N/A N/A
Calista Hoff N/A N/A
Charles Moss N/A N/A
Corey Hicks N/A N/A
Daniel Norton N/A N/A
David Durant Yacht Security Bartoli 75R
David Saylor N/A N/A
Dylan Parker Yacht Security Bartoli 75R
Ewan Roberts Mechanic N/A
Evan Holden Yacht Security Bartoli 75R
Finlay Blackburn Mechanic N/A
Francis Burnett N/A N/A
Freya Bull N/A N/A
Gilbert K. Harper Yacht Security Bartoli 75R
Gracie Coleman N/A N/A
Isabella Caruso N/A N/A
Jake Sullivan N/A N/A
Jake Warren Yacht Security Bartoli 75R
James Potts Yacht Crew N/A
Jeffrey T. Myers Mechanic N/A
John Burke Yacht Security Bartoli 75R
John Campbell N/A N/A
John Harris N/A N/A
John Hudson N/A N/A
Jonathan L. Joyce N/A N/A
Jordan Chambers Yacht Security Bartoli 75R
Jordan Reeves Yacht Security Bartoli 75R
Jordan Thompson N/A N/A
Joseph Harding Mechanic N/A
Josh Sinclair Mechanic N/A
Josh Sykes Mechanic N/A
Joshua Demarest N/A N/A
Kalvin Ritter N/A N/A
Kevin Nelson N/A N/A
Lara Naylor N/A N/A
Lola Howell N/A N/A
Luke Richardson N/A N/A
Mason Niel Houston N/A N/A
Mason Perkins Yacht Crew N/A
Matthew Warren Yacht Security Bartoli 75R
Michael Carter Yacht Security Bartoli 75R
Michael S. Davis Yacht Crew N/A
Nathan Melendez N/A N/A
Olivia D. Trent N/A N/A
Paul Jackson Yacht Security Bartoli 75R
Paul Wright N/A N/A
Peter Holston Yacht Crew N/A
Reginald Gibson Bodyguard Bartoli 75R
Robert I. Combs N/A N/A
Robert R. White Yacht Crew N/A
Robert Wong N/A N/A
Roger Watson N/A N/A
Ronnie Aguilar Bodyguard Bartoli 75R
Roy Moore N/A N/A
Sam Morgan N/A N/A
Samantha Corley N/A N/A
Sebastian Godfrey Yacht Security Bartoli 75R
Sharon A. Brumbelow N/A N/A
Shawn Deboer N/A N/A
Shela Huerta N/A N/A
Stanley Stafford N/A N/A
Steven Dobbs Yacht Security Bartoli 75R
Taylor Bruce N/A N/A
Terrance Jones N/A N/A
Terry Norfolk Terry Norfolk N/A
Thomas Cross N/A N/A
Tyler Weisinger N/A N/A
Walter Johnson N/A N/A
Veronica Metzger N/A N/A
William L. Gardner Yacht Security Bartoli 75R

The Final Test Edit

There are 46 interactable characters in The Final Test mission. All characters in this mission are interactable and named compared to the yacht mission. Among the characters, there is one target and also one unique disguise. All characters except the target have a disguise on which can be equipped and there are 4 different disguises in total shared among these 45 NPCs. There are 25 Soviet Soldiers, 16 Airfield Security, 3 Airplane Mechanics and 1 KGB Officer.

Name Disguise Items
Aaron Spencer Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
Alex Mironov Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Alex Zhirov Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Andrew Turnbull Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
Ben Byrne Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Calvin Fulton Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
Christopher Matthews Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
Christopher May Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
Cilas Netzke KGB Officer Bartoli 75R
David Hoosier Airplane Mechanic N/A
Dorota Gorski Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Edward Evdokimov Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Emeryk Kamiński Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Evan Gomez Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
Freddie Leach Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
Genghis Demidov Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
George Power Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Herman Evseev Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Ignat Kirillov Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Jacob Kimball Airplane Mechanic N/A
Jame Sisco Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
James Martin Airplane Mechanic N/A
James Pak Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
Jasper Knight N/A N/A
John Nixon Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
Kelly R. Edwards Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
Klimek Nowicki Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Korneli Pawłowski Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Ksawery Kowalski Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Leo Kazantsev Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Leonti Golovanov Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Longin Nowakowski Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Luca Wood Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
Luke Yuriev Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Malik Kalinin Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Maxim Yevdokimov Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Michael Miller Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
Moses Butusov Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Oscar Woronoff Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Riley Russell Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
Rodion Evdokimov Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Sebastian Murray Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
Szymon Woźniak Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
William Iddings Airfield Security Bartoli 75R
Wincenty Sobczak Soviet Soldier Fusil G2
Yuri Abdulov Soviet Soldier Fusil G2

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