Kalvin Ritter, also known as The Sparrow, is the main target of the ICA Facility prologues Guided Training and Freeform Training. Ritter was a master thief for hire who specialized in rare priceless art.

Biography Edit

Kalvin Ritter first emerged in London during the 1980s as part of the notorious international jewel thief network called The Yard Birds. The network's leader, legendary Serbian bank robber Aleksandar Kovak, took a shine to the young Ritter and became his mentor.

When Interpol finally broke up The Yard Birds, only Ritter escaped, emerging years later as a respectable art collector in Florida, USA. Assuming his old Yard Birds moniker, "The Sparrow", he stole priceless art worth hundreds of millions from hapless well-to-dos.

In 1988, Ritter saw the writing on the wall. Future crime would be digital, not analog, and he decided to retire as a cat burglar. Unfortunately, a former client realized that Ritter had sold him a counterfeit Gorka and hired the ICA to put an end to his dream of retirement.

Ritter was assassinated in Sydney, Australia, when an ICA agent was able to sneak onto his private yacht during a social gathering and eliminate him without any guest noticing.

Personality Edit

Ritter was a natural cat burglar. Incredibly athletic and acrobatic, he showed impressive strategic skills and high social intelligence. He was charismatic, charming and capable of switching effortlessly between accents, identities and personalities. He was also quite ruthless when he had to be, unafraid to injure or kill security personnel who stood in his way.

Personal life Edit

Little was known about Ritter's origins but he was allegedly from Barbados. He owned a house in Switzerland, and also a private yacht.

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