Jasper Knight is the main target of the ICA Facility prologue The Final Test.

Biography Edit

Jasper Knight used to be a world famous chess master but then turned into a Soviet spy, working under orders from the KGB. He murdered the U.S. Soviet ambassador who was planning to defect to the West, by poisoning him with ricin-coated chess pieces during a private match. Knight then fled to Cuba, awaiting safe conduct across the Iron Curtain.

The ICA was hired to eliminate Knight by Langley, when they discovered what had transpired. As Knight met up with his KGB contact at a remote airfield in Cuba, Erich Soders, current ICA training director, caught up with Knight and assassinated him.

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Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Jasper's early life. The ony thing the ICA knows about him is that he used to be a frequent chess player before turning into a soviet spy. Since his age is not revealed, it's most likely that he is 30 to 40 years old. Considering this, it might means that Jasper played chess at a very young age, possibly 14 or 16. 


  • Jasper Knight uses the pseudonym, "Blind Tailor". This is a reference to Hitman Absolution, where Tommy Clemenza is a blind tailor himself.