Isabella Caruso is a female character who was the mother of Silvio Caruso. She features in the ICA Facility prologues Guided Training and Freeform Training, however her importance is much more significant in the World of Tomorrow episode, despite her already being dead when the mission takes place.

Biography Edit

Isabella Caruso used to be a free-spirited academic.

She was onboard the private yacht, the night Kalvin Ritter was assassinated there by the ICA.

Personal life Edit

Isabella Caruso came from a line of rural aristocrats and had three sons, the oldest two being twins. The two of them eventually ran away from home and disappeared without a trace, leaving her alone with her youngest son, Silvio.

Her husband had also died a long time before her, thus she had become a widow early, and would never come to remarry.

Relation to Silvio Edit

When her two oldest sons disappeared, Isabella clung to her one remaining son, who she cowed for years. She manipulated Silvio and made him feel like a failure, in order for him to remain devoted to her only. She would put him through psychological abuse all throughout his youth. Because of the way she raised him, he developed a strong case of gynophobia (fear of women).

When approaching Isabella during the yacht mission, you can trigger a conversation between herself and another man. She will talk about her sons and the conversation will end up in a discussion about her youngest son, Silvio. She will go on to say that "he makes my skin crawl". When the man says that Silvio will turn out fine, she says "Or murder us all".

Gallery Edit

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