Tft instinct

Image showing instinct activated. The red colored character is the mission target seen through the ceiling, standing on the floor beneath.

Instinct is one of Agent 47's superhuman abilities.

About Edit

The player first learns about instinct during the Guided Training prologue mission at the ICA Facility. Whenever Agent 47 is looking through the instinct vision, time will slow down in speed and the color of the screen will also change. The silhouettes of nearby characters will turn into different colors depending on their status, and objects of importance will be highlighted.

Uses Edit

NPCs Edit

Instinct allows you to see through walls where exactly there is human presence. It has a rather far range distance and even further for the mission's targets. The silhouettes of nearby characters will turn into different colors depending on their status. Normally everyone will be white except for the mission targets who are always red. If you commit a crime infront of someone they will become orange and for as long as they stay this color, they will instantly recognize you when they see you. This means they are still onto you and you may have to change disguise unless you are staying out of their sight.

Objects Edit

Instinct can be used to find items of interest nearby. These will be highlighted while instinct is active. These objects can be weapons or other tools for you to pick up, or other interactable objects which each have a purpose in the mission, meaning they can be used in someway.

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