IAGO is a spy ring. The purpose of the organisation is dealing with the most valuable secrets of the global elite.

Leadership Edit

Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis are the ringleaders of the organisation, but only Margolis is considered to be the mastermind and true brains behind IAGO.

Work Edit

IAGO is behind some of the most disastrous security leaks all over the globe, leaks which has cost the lives of countless people.

IAGO gave Crimean separatists the security network plans to the Odessa nuclear power plant, causing it rupture into a deadly meltdown. They were also behind the missile downing of President Hernandez and his family's aircraft, by giving the classified flight plans to the Delgado drug cartel who were responsible for shooting it down.

Use of models Edit

Since the leaders of IAGO, Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis, are both CEOs and owners of one of Europe's most famous couture brands, Sanguine, they are able to use fashion models to infiltrate the lives of the rich and powerful. Helmut Kruger, the face of Sanguine, is personally involved in IAGO's illegal business schemes.

The Showstopper Edit

Main article: The Showstopper

During The Showstopper, Agent 47 is tasked to assassinate the couple behind IAGO, after the MI6 ordered their assassination from the ICA. The reason was the fact that IAGO was about to sell a NOC list, containing the names of countless British undercover agents, at a secret auction held during the fashion show at Palais de Walewska.

Customers Edit

IAGO is selling classified information to the highest bidders. They have a large number of customers who are able to purchase various items of interest which IAGO has acquired.

Notable figures Edit

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