Helmut Kruger is a male character who features in the Paris episodic mission The Showstopper. He is a fashion model and the main face of the Sanguine brand, but also an IAGO spy.

He is wearing the Helmut Kruger disguise which is the only model disguise available to wear in the mission. He also carries a personal cell phone on him which can be picked up and interacted with in order to place a phone call to Dalia Margolis.

The Showstopper Edit

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Cycle Edit

During The Showstopper mission, Helmut will start off behind Palais de Walewska, standing in the large open grass field near to the helicopter. He will be posing for photographs taken by a female character. Eventually, he will walk away to the furthest north west corner of the map in order to place a phone call to Dalia Margolis. There will be CICADA Bodyguards walking back and forth in the vicinity.

Helmut will eventually walk the catwalk and then go to the top floor in order to meet with Dalia Margolis, unless stopped during the opportunity called 15 Seconds of Fame.

Opportunity Edit

Helmut plays a major part in the opportunity called 15 Seconds of Fame in which Agent 47 disguises himself to pose as the model since they already share a striking resemblance. It is also the perfect opportunity to catch Dalia Margolis alone since she is planning to meet Helmut in her office.

Getting His Disguise Edit

If you head your way to the back of the Palace, and trigger his lines, he will eventually walk towards a crate at the end of a walkway, once the CICADA bodyguard walks away, pacify Helmut and quickly hide his body in the nearby crate. Then take the disguise and his phone, and call up Dalia.

Appearance Edit

As a model, Helmut wears a face paint which obscures his facial features. During The Showstopper mission, he is wearing a piece of clothing which belongs to Sebastian Sato's ICE collection line.


Helmut Kruger is one of several models involved with the spy ring IAGO, lead by Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis. He does work for the organisation by retrieving secret information from rich and powerful people, all through getting closer to them.

During The Showstopper, Dalia Margolis has a specific job for Helmut which she reveals to him when they meet in her office on the top floor. First off, Helmut calls Dalia before he goes on the catwalk, because he wants to be clear on a few details before agreeing to the job. When they meet, Dalia will tell Helmut that she has found the perfect assignment for him. The objective is to get close with Jessica Highmoore, the daughter of John Highmoore, CEO of Highmoore Consulting. Dalia reveals that she wanted Helmut in the show so that Jessica would notice him. She tells Helmut that she wants him to go to New York to seek her out and then use her to befriend and get the trust of her father. The objective is to find out details about the merger Highmoore Consulting is planning. Dalia wants to know with whom they are merging and at what price. She will then hand a bottle of Cyanide to Helmut to use in last resort.

Book Edit

There is a book about Helmut Kruger written by authors A. Geist and Ritter. It is called The Face of Sanguine: Helmut Kruger "In My Own Words". The biography is for sale at Palais de Walewska, for guests attending the fashion show, the evening when The Showstopper mission takes place. Helmut Kruger is of course also present at the palace and is one of the models planning to walk the runway.

Trivia Edit

  • Helmut Kruger shares a striking resemblance with Agent 47, meaning no one will notice a difference between the two. While walking in any area of the map, except certain trespassing areas, no one will ever become suspicious of you while wearing the Helmut Kruger disguise, even without applying the face paint in the Dressing Area. Use this to your advantage, as Helmut is allowed in many areas except for the attic and above the stage lighting.
  • When you meet with Dalia disguised as Helmut Kruger, she will think you are an experienced professional, but when the real Helmut meets with Dalia, she will think he's a complete Idiot with zero experience in spying.

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