Freeform Training is the third part of the Hitman prologue at the ICA Facility destination. The previous prologue is Guided Training and the next prologue is The Final Test.

In the storyline, Freeform Training follows the cinematic He Could be Dangerous and is followed by the cinematic No Second Chances.

Background Edit

As an ICA agent you can overcome any challenge in multiple ways. This time Agent 47 is instructed to complete the same objective as in the Guided Training mission again, but now in a different way by using another strategy or by improvising.

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The Freeform Training mission introduces challenges which can be found in the mid-game menu. These offer different ways for you to eliminate the target. There are 13 feats challenges for the Freeform Training which you can try to achieve, but not all of them involves a unique way of taking out Ritter.

When you spawn you will be able to pick up a couple of items on the table infront of you in order to help you carry out the mission. There are three coins, a lockpick, as well as a ICA Remote Explosive. Picking these items up will trigger help messages to inform you about certain game functions. There is also a room behind you to the left where you could pick up a Fusil G2 assault rifle and a Bartoli 12G shotgun. You can only carry one of these weapons on you and other people will become suspicious of you unless you carry them while wearing a proper disguise.

Challenges Edit

Feats Edit

Title Objectives
Classic Hitman
  • Assassinate a target with the fiber wire.
  • Assassinate Kalvin Ritter by drowning him.
Join the Crew
  • Find the yacht crew disguise in the cabin on Deck 00.
Not for Human Consumption
  • Poison the target with rat poison.
Only Use in Emergency Situations
  • Assassinate the target in a life raft accident.
Over Here...
  • Distract a guard using a generator.
Pay That Stuntman a Bonus!
  • Assassinate the target with remote explosives.
Security Bypassed
  • Board the yacht disguised as a security guard.
Something Out of Place
  • Place a weapon and have a guard find it.
Spare Change
  • Throw a coin to cause a distraction.
Store Securely
  • Find the rat poison on Deck 00.
The Cleaner
  • Hide the target in a closet.
The Private Meeting
  • Disguise yourself as Norfolk.
  • Meet with the target.

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Characters Edit

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The mission involves a number of characters on the yacht and nearby. The main one is of course the target Kalvin Ritter.

Another character playing an important role is Terry Norfolk who can be present in the room at the same time as you assassinate Ritter, but you can also disguise yourself in the Norfolk disguise to meet with the target yourself.

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