Francesca De Santis is one of the main targets of the World of Tomorrow episode, together with Silvio Caruso. She is a research scientist and the current lab head on the virus project.

Biography Edit

Early years Edit

De Santis grew up in suburban Florence as the daughter of a neo-classical composer and a stage designer. She pursued a scientific career and quickly gained reputation for her thoroughness and single-minded perseverance.

Recent times Edit

De Santis agreed to go undercover at Silvio Caruso's field lab to spy on him. She did this in order to reach the coveted position as regional head of R&D at one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, the Ether Corporation. She was instructed to have Caruso eliminated and carry on the work in his place, if Caruso should become a threat to the project or to the company.

Appearance Edit

De Santis wears a lab coat over a dark dress. She wears an pedant.

Personality Edit

De Santis is described as a born cynic and fiercely career-driven libertarian. She has always been focused on advancement and climbing the corporate ladder.

She comes across as charming, sophisticated, warm, caring and sensuous, but is generally the smartest person in a room, being two steps ahead of everyone else. Her ability to appear innocent while stabbing people in the back is exactly what makes her dangerous.

Personal life Edit

Francesca De Santis is having a love affair with Silvio Caruso's golf coach, Roberto Vargas.

Quotes Edit

"De Santis here. I don't know, his behaviour is becoming more and more erratic. In many ways, Caruso is still a child. A scared, angry little boy with the power of God at his fingertips. How long before he turns that rage towards us? If Dr Lafayette pulls off a miracle, fine. Otherwise, I see no choice but to turn the other way.

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Hitman Sapienza - The Full Story

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