Sergei Larin was the first ever elusive target.

Elusive targets is a feature in Hitman which adds a new target to an already existing destination but only for a limited time. Once they are gone, they will never return.

Information Edit

An elusive target is a one time opportunity target, meaning you only get one attempt and one assassination. If you die, the contract will fail and you will be unable to try it ever again. Elusive targets are released sporadically by the game developers and once a target is released, there are only 48 hours of time available to try out the mission.

Compared to regular contracts, there is now a real backstory to the mission and the target has it's own conversations within the game. An elusive target can not be found in the regular episodic mission belonging to the destination, but you might be able to find references to the target already before he's been released as an elusive contract. Once an elusive target is released, you may also be able to learn things about the story of the location which you didn't fully understand when doing the episodic mission.

Rules Edit

  • You must begin the contract before the countdown expires.
  • If 47 is killed, you may not retry the contract.
  • Once you have completed the contract and successfully exited, you may not retry the contract.
  • Once your target has been killed, you may no longer restart the contract.
  • You cannot save your game while playing an Elusive Target.
  • The contract briefing may contain additional fail conditions.

Gameplay Edit

Since everything is new once an elusive target has been released, you will need to explore and find the target within the map. You also have to study their movement, learning what they do before coming up with your assassination plan. The elusive target does not appear on the in-game minimap as a target and not while using instinct either.

Similar to escalations, additional interactable objects or items, as well as new NPCs apart from the elusive target itself, may be added to an elusive target's mission.

Elusive targets Edit

Target and mission Location Released
Sergeilarin Sergei Larin
in The Forger
The Showstopper 13 May 2016
Congressmanelusiveface Anthony L. Troutt
in The Congressman
World of Tomorrow 27 May 2016
200px Adalrico Candelaria
in The Prince
World of Tomorrow 8 June 2016
200px Jonathan Smythe
in The Sensation
The Showstopper 14 June 2016
200px Vito Đurić
in The Gunrunner
A Gilded Cage 1 July 2016
200px Dylan Narváez
in The Twin
World of Tomorrow 15 July 2016
200px Gary Busey
in The Wildcard
World of Tomorrow 21 July 2016
200px Howard Moxon
in The Broker
The Showstopper 8 August 2016

History Edit

The elusive targets icon with the "coming soon" message had been in the game since it was released on11 March 2016, but the first mission The Forger wasn't released until 13 May 2016. A second elusive targets mission, The Congressman, was set to be released only two weeks later on 27 May 2016.

Rewards Edit

A reward system has been implemented for the elusive target missions. Once you complete your first five missions, you will receive the Absolution Suit which is the signature suit from Hitman: Absolution. Once you complete your first ten missions, you will receive the Blood Money Suit which is the signature suit from Hitman: Blood Money. Once you complete your first thirtheen missions, you will receive the Signature Suit with Gloves .

Challenges Edit

Global Edit

Mission Edit

Each Elusive targets mission released will also include two challenges to complete. One will be the targets challenge to assassinate the specific target. The other one is the Silent Assassin challenge to eliminate the target without being spotted and without any non-target casualties.

Leaderboards Edit

The leaderboards included for the Elusive targets missions will be released by the developers a couple of days after the missions are over. Only the top 3 players for each console will be published (PC, Playstation and Xbox). Player stats is also released and includes the percentage of players who were successful in completing the mission and also the percentage of players who were able to achieve the Silent Assassin challenge. They are also able to track when the target was fist assassinated and also when the first Silent Assassin run was completed.

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