Ducks in a Row is a discovery to achieve in The Showstopper mission in Paris.

To accomplish the challenge, Agent 47 must find and collect the Stage Schedule.

Objectives Edit

  • Collect the stage schedule.

Guide Edit

The Stage Schedule is located behind the catwalk, in the middle room of the ground level of Palais de Walewska. A suit will not allow access to the western side of the room where the schedule is found, meaning you have to get another disguise. There is a guard in the way on both sides of the room. The easiest way is to go get the Stylist disguise in the Dressing Area just south of the catwalk. If you enter the room from the east side, you will see a guard stopping you there as well, but if you go to the north side of the room, you will find a shortcut where you can climb into the restricted area. You should now see a NPC talking on the phone with his back towards you, wearing the disguise you need. Pacify him quickly and nobody will see you, then hide his body in the container right next to you. Put the Stylist disguise on and now head to the back of the catwalk. The stage schedule will be lying on a box on the north side of the back area, right near the northern ramp leading off the runway. Once you pick it up, you will complete this challenge.

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