Delivery Man is a disguise available in Hitman. It can be found in the World of Tomorrow mission.

NPC Edit

There are two Delivery Man NPC's in the map. Both of them are outside the town gates from the southern entrance leading into Sapienza. Once arriving there, one of them will be on the phone next to his delivery truck, while the other will be further south, sitting on the ground next to a Cyclist who appears to have been struck by the delivery vehicle.

Obtaining the disguise Edit

There is a disguise spawn on the ground inside the Il fiore delle mille e una notte flower shop in the center of the walkable town area. The shop is located on the right side along the main street leading down from the north western corner of the Sapienza main square to the Sapienza church and Sapienza beach. Keep in mind that the entrance is locked and it is very difficult to break inside without someone noticing. There are two stationary NPCs nearby who will see you through a railing. You need to find the Shop Key to enter without picking the lock.

You can also get the disguise from the two NPC's outside the southern gate of the town, but there is no good place to hide their bodies at. You can drag them into the shop located right nearest to the town gate, where there is a container inside, but chances are relatively high that someone will see you. If you do decide to go for an NPC in order to get the disguise, it's recommended you take the one who is on the phone. It will be faster and easier whether or not you decide to try and hide the body. If you don't mind killing, the body can simply be dragged to the edge of the cliff and kicked down into the water below. If you want to try and hide the body in the shop, you will have unlimited time to pick the perfect moment as long as you do not trigger the conversation between the other Delivery Man and the Cyclist. They will start talking once you go to close to them and eventually stand up, turning around in your direction. You should still have plenty of time though because their conversation is one of the longest in the mission.

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