Dalia Margolis is one of the main targets of The Showstopper episode, together with Viktor Novikov. She is a retired legendary Israeli supermodel.

Biography Edit

Early years Edit

Dalia Margolis became one of the most iconic fashion models of the previous decade. She then chose to retire at the peak of her career in order to launch her own model agency.

Margolis was however in fact a spy for Mossad. Her intel led to the Mongoose's arrest and the drone strike that killed Red Sabre in Lebanon. She also used the training she recieved to then build the IAGO spy ring.

Recent times Edit

The ICA believes Margolis has devised a lucrative scheme, being the brains behind IAGO.

Personality Edit

Margolis is described as charming, beautiful, sophisticated and extremely intelligent.

Appearence Edit

Margolis wears a blue dress and a dark blue belt. She has a variety of jewelry on her, probably gold.

Personal life Edit

Dalia was the daughter of a hawkish and overzealous Israeli army general. Her father did not approve of Dalia chasing the dream of becoming a supermodel.

Her current boyfriend is self-made billionaire, and Sanguine owner, Viktor Novikov.

Quotes Edit

"Ladies and Gentlemen, knowledge without power is just ivory-towered economics. Power without knowledge is simply brute force. But combined, power and knowledge shape the face of the planet. Happy bidding."

Trivia Edit

  • Dalia Margolis is referred to by certain NPCs in the mission as "Miss Margolis", meaning she should not be married to Viktor.

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