Contracts is a feature in Hitman which allows you to create your own mission within a map. You can then share this mission online to allow other players to try out your mission. When creating a contract you will be able to enter a map and then mark the characters who you want to be the targets for your mission. You can mark up to five targets for one mission. There are also leaderboards for contracts to see who has achieved the best scores.

Maps supported Edit

Creating a contract Edit

See also: Tutorial: Contract Creation

You will learn about contract creation through the prologue.

Featured Contracts Edit

Featured Contracts are contracts created by the developers and sometimes also by the community. These are listed in a separate section within the game and will change from time to time. There will always be more players going through these missions than random contracts since they are featured and can be seen by more people.

Latest Contracts Edit

As soon as someone creates and upload their contract it will appear in the Latest Contracts section within the game. When more and more new contracts appear, older ones will start to disappear from the front page. You can continue to scroll to the right to see older contracts.

My Contracts Edit

The contracts you have created yourself will appear in the My Contracs section. You can at any point go here to check out your older contracts, play them again yourself, or to see the current leaderboards for them.

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