Coin is a piece of gear available in Hitman, belonging to the distractions category.

Information Edit

A coin can be used to cause a distraction by tossing it on the ground in a chosen direction. The coin can not target another NPC to be thrown straight at them since it is considered to be a piece of distraction gear rather than a type of non-lethal weapon.

If a NPC sees you when you toss the coin they will not become distracted by it, but they will start questioning your behaviour and put their focus on you instead.

When you throw a coin, the NPC nearest to the location where the coin lands and makes it's sound, will turn around in the direction where the coin landed. The NPC will then walk over to the coin and pick it up, before heading back to it's original position. It is not always the very closest NPC that will walk over to where a coin landed, but sometimes only a certain NPC within a group close together will be triggered by it. Also note that all NPCs near where a coin landed will turn their faces towards it, but only one will go and pick it up.

Throwing coins can be usful in order to sneak past certain characters within trespassing areas, or to lure someone into a position where you can pacify them to take their disguise without anyone else noticing.

Locations Edit

Freeform Training Edit

In the prologue Freeform Training you can find three coins on the table infront of you as soon as you spawn. You should pick these up since you do not already have any on you by default.

The Final Test Edit

In the prologue mission The Final Test, Agent 47 will spawn with five coins in his inventory. The only other coin in the entire map can be found on the ground behind one of the cars near the west side entrance to the compound.

The Showstopper Edit

In The Showstopper episode, there are coins to pick up on a counter on the east side of the most north eastern room on the ground level. In the room west of the dressing area, which is the large southern room located south of the catwalk, there is a coin on the ground next to the Diorama. There is also a coin lying on the ground on the north side of the western terrace, just outside the exit leading out from the most western large room.

On level 2 there are coins to pick up in the most south eastern room, lying on a desk. On level 3 there is a coin to pick up from the ground inside the attic, right in the middle of the corridor that splits the north and south part of the attic from each other.

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