Cilas Netzke is a male character who features in the ICA Facility prologue The Final Test. He is the second most important character in the mission after Jasper Knight, the target.

Netzke is the only one out of the 46 characters in the map to wear the unique KGB Officer disguise. This is the ultimate disguise of the map since it is the only one that no one will see through. As long as you wear it, nobody will become suspicious of you, except if you commit obvious crimes of course.

Netzke plays a role in some of the opportunities and challenges of the mission, meaning you will be able to interact with him in certain situations.

He also carries a Bartoli 75R handgun on him at all times even if it is concealed under his coat. It can not be seen apart from when he is engaging Agent 47 or after you have taken him out when you then can pick it up from the ground.

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