Chandelier is an interactable object available in Hitman. It can be found in The Showstopper and in the World of Tomorrow episodic missions.

Information Edit

The chandelier can be used to drop onto someone, crushing them to death. There are multiple ways of causing a chandelier to fall. Chandeliers can not be interacted with directly since they are hanging from the ceiling of a room. The interaction point is often a Winch sitting on a wall but not all chandeliers have one. Winches are mostly located within the same room as the chandelier itself and if there are more chandeliers in one room with also more winches, you should in most cases be able to figure out which winch belongs to which chandelier by comparing their locations in the room.

A chandelier without a winch, but also any chandelier, can be shot down by the use of a firearm weapon. To avoid being detected you need to find a way to shoot down the winch without anyone noticing, preferably with a silenced pistol.

Death by chandelier is considered an accidental death, however it will not be if it is discovered that you are the one to have caused the incident. You will be caught if you are spotted interacting with a winch since it is then obviously not an accident.

Some chandeliers may sit in the ceiling of a higher level than the level they will drop down on. For example the chandeliers in the main entrance hall, the most eastern room of level 1, are attached to the level 2's ceiling.

Locations Edit

The Showstopper Edit

Palais de Walewska is full of Chandeliers and the majority of them have a winch belonging to it, except for some of them on the top floor.

On level 1 there are chandeliers in the most western large middle room, with the exit leading outside. There are also chandeliers in the bar area, which is the room north of the catwalk. On level 2 there are chandeliers in almost every single larger room. On level 3 there are also chandeliers in almost every single room on the west side of the floor, since the entire east side is part of the attic.

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