Silent Assassin, Suit Only is considered to be one of the more difficult challenges to complete in Hitman.

Challenges is a feature in Hitman which can be accomplished in certain missions. There are four types of challenges: assassinations, discoveries, feats and targets. Completing an episodic challenge will give Mission Mastery which will unlock new starting locations, agency pickups, as well as gear and weapons.

Some challenges such as Chameleon, Suit Only and Silent Assassin are available for more than one mission.

Challenges by mission Edit

Missions Challenges Lists
Freeform Training 0 0 13 0 13 N/A
The Final Test 12 12 3 0 27 Full challenge list
The Showstopper 26 34 18 2 80 Full challenge list
World of Tomorrow 28 31 25 2 86 Full challenge list

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