Not to be confused with Bodyguard

CICADA Bodyguard is a disguise available in Hitman. It can be found in The Showstopper mission.

The disguise is allowed on all levels but many other NPCs who are wearing the same disguise will still be able to see through it to recognize Agent 47 as a suspicious character.

NPC Edit

CICADA Bodyguard NPCs can be found all over Palais de Walewska. The majority of them can be found on the top floor and also on the outskirts of the palace on the ground level.

All CICADA bodyguards will be carrying one of two weapons. Some of them uses the HX-10 SMG while some of them uses the Fusil G2 assault rifle instead.

During the mission briefing, it is revealed that the bodyguards are CICADA PMC. and are highly trained, thus likely more skilled than a regular Security Guard in the same level.

Obtaining the disguise Edit

One of the easier ways of getting the disguise is to head to the north west corner of the palace and enter the restricted area by jumping the fence north of the Security Guard. This will take you to the north western shed on the outskirts of the palace. Once you are inside the restricted zone you can sneak left to get to the main gravel pathway. Watch out first to make sure none of the Security Guards infront of you sees you and also that the coast is clear on your left because the CICADA Bodyguard you want to take out might be there already. There are several guards walking on the pathway but you preferably want to take out the one nearest and hide his body inside the shed. If there is no one who sees you, sneak up to the southern window of the shed and climb inside. Wait for a CICADA bodyguard who eventually will walk past the window and then climb out again. Quickly subdue him and then drag his body to the window and carry it inside. Once you are inside with the body, put on the disguise and hide the body inside the container.

Trivia Edit

  • The CICADA Bodyguard shares an almost identical design with the regular Bodyguard, but these two disguises are never found within the same mission.

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