For the piece of intel received, see Biolab Keycard (intel)

Biolab Keycard is an item available in Hitman. It can be found in the World of Tomorrow episodic mission.

The keycard is used to enter the Ether field lab located down inside the underground cave system beneath Villa Caruso. It is also required to enter certain doors within the lab itself.

Locations Edit

  • Francesca De Santis will be carrying a biolab keycard, meaning you could assassinate her first, then grab her keycard in order to get down and destroy the DNA Specific Virus.
  • There is a biolab keycard on the ground floor of the Observatory, which is the most north western building within the Villa Caruso mansion grounds, lying on a table along the southern wall in the most western room.

Agent 47 This article is only started. You can help Hitman 2016 Wiki by expanding it.There is also a biolab keycard in a room next to the tunnel lab entrance in the mansion's basement (the one with two lab guards who frisk you to enter), a scientist and a gardener are talking in this room, with a biolab keycard on the table right in front of them.