Airfield Security is a disguise available in Hitman. It can be found in the The Final Test prologue mission.

NPC Edit

The Airfield Security guards walk around carrying the Bartoli 75R pistol. There are 16 Airfield Security guards in total on the map.

Obtaining the disguise Edit

There is no spawn for the disguise in the map but with 16 Airfield Security guards roaming around it is not difficult to get ahold of. The easiest one to get is from the NPC by the western entrance after starting the mission. Turn left after spawning and climb the fence. Hide behind the cars and wait for the conversation to finish between the two Airplane Mechanics. Once they've finished talking, they will leave and walk through the western entrance. You can now approach the lonely Airfield Security guard standing beside a vehicle by the western entrance. The mechanics will walk past him as they enter the grounds. This guard will never automatically turn around, meaning you can simply sneak up behind him and subdue him. There is a container right behind him as well where you can hide his body. You must however be careful of a Soviet Soldier walking back and forth inside the compound. He will walk between the western entrance gate and the building's north western entrance. He will wait for a moment once he has stopped, before turning around, walking to the next side.

Trivia Edit

  • Compared to the Soviet Soldiers in the same map, almost all Airfield Security guards have English sounding names.

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