Agent 47

Agent 47 is a cloned assassin and the main character of the Hitman series. He is voiced by David Bateson.

Hitman (2016) Edit

In Hitman (2016) the player takes control of Agent 47, travelling around the world to eliminate contracted targets.

Early LifeEdit

Agent 47 had an interesting early life. Born on September 5, 1964, inside of a romanian asylum. His barcode number, 640509-040147, was tattooed on the back of his head. Agent 47 is the 47th clone that Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Mayer made. From ages 5 to 7, Tobias (false name) showed very little interaction and no social skills. The only thing he loved was the runaway rabbit in the lab that he adopted in 1970. Since it died in 1972, Wolfgang was amazingly surprised on how 47 was crying, as Ort has never seen one of his clones cry. In 1977, a clone bullied 47. They were both 12. During a kickboxing tournament that was being held, 47 choked the clone and drowned him. In order to escape the asylum he was in, 47 made fiber wire out of a windowsill and razed parts of a broom oiled door hinges and had a bow and arrow with him before he killed the guard dog and jumped the gate. 47 went to a town near the asylum, where there, he encountered an asylum doctor and rewarded him with a pancake breakfast. The doctor then told 47 it is good to kill other clones, but in the near future, that he should kill people only when instructed to do so. Between ages 13-38, 47 began a negative friendship with the doctors in the asylum. Once, 47 stabbed multiple needles in a doctor, that Ort-Mayer put more security up for 47. 

ICA Edit

In 1998, the ICA took surprise to 47's assassin skills and hired him in 2000. Currently, in 2016, 47 has taken 2 tests to prove he is a skilled assassin. He passed both. Eric Soders didn't think highly of 47. Eric mostly thinks that he will "get in the way" of the ICA. Eric also suspiciously knows about 47's asylum escape, by saying, "Frankly, it's as if the earth just spat him out." 


  • 47's real name is not revealed. However, many fans gave him a false name, such as Tobias Reiper. 
  • Eric Soders somehow knows about 47's escape from the asylum.
  • Ever since the original Hitman, his signature suit has always been a black suit, pants, shoes, and red tie.
  • Some NPCs in the 2016 version might say, when 47 throws an object, to act his age as if he's 46, 45, 48. This is a reference to Agent 47's name, 47.